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About Us

Coco Veda is a Singapore based Social Enterprise incorporated in 2015, aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Blending Coconuts with Knowledge and Wisdom is our Ethos, the name Coco Veda is inspired by the Plant based Medicinal Science of Ayurveda. In four years, we have developed a proprietary range of 100+ Sustainable, Handmade, Natural, Organic & Halal Certified Coconut Based Products.

These Products are an output of the Kaizen Philosophy of Continuous Improvement which is ingrained in the Culture of the All-Women Operations Team in Manila.

A reputed global brand for Sustainable, Handmade, Coconut Health and Well being Natural, Organic, Halal and Vegan Products

Socially Sustainable Coconut and Plant-Based Health & Wellness Enterprise

Sharing Coco Veda’s Quality Products and the Spirit of Sustainable Development with the World

Our journey began in 2015 with a passion to bring all things natural to the health and wellness scene, and a vision to build a Socially Sustainable Enterprise aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

With sustainable job creation and training, we enable our farmer partners, craftswomen, and their families to build a brighter future and break the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations.

Inspired by Ayurveda (The Science of Life), we created a line of Health and Wellness products Handcrafted with our Signature Premium Cold-Processed Virgin Coconut Oil as a key ingredient.

This took a lot of initial hard work over the years, but we very soon became one of the only producers in the coconut industry with more than 100 Handcrafted Coconut and Plant-based Health & Wellness products.

Every coconut used in our production process is harvested by our hardworking Farmer Cooperatives in the rural parts of the Philippines.

Working with these coconut Farmer Communities directly, we are able to cut out the middlemen and get more money directly into the hands of the farmers. This provides Sustainable income for their Families, and builds a foundation for Positive Community Transformation.

Each Coco Veda product is Handcrafted with care by our expert and meticulous craftswomen in Manila, ensuring that you enjoy consistently high quality with every Coco Veda product that you purchase.

By turning our All-Women Team into Breadwinners for their families, we are able to not only help them grow their self-esteem and self-value, but also improve their standing in their community.

Live Healthy, Live Well, Live Natural and Building Sustainable Impact​

Our Sustainable Handmade Coconut Health and Wellbeing Products are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ISO, GMP and Halal 

Our Vision

To make a measurable socio-economic Sustainable Impact in the lives of Coconut Farmers, Women Communities, Consumers and the Coconut Industry.

Our Mission

A reputed global brand for Sustainable, Handmade, Coconut Health and Wellbeing Natural, Organic, Halal and Vegan Products.

Our Values

Defined by Human Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Our Leadership Team

Jenny Chong

“I am a Firm Believer in the power of Social Enterprise to drive change and make an impact. Through my journey with Coco Veda in Malaysia, we continue to touch lives on a daily basis which will be amplified as we increasingly use technology more actively and also inclusively.”

Amanda Tan

“Creativity is my passion and humanity, my purpose! As a millennial entrepreneur, I am keen to take a leadership role in Coco Veda Malaysia and contribute to a better World for the children of tomorrow.”

Strategic Partners / Sustainability Advisory Panel

Dr. Sia Bee Chuan
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

“Through Global Partnerships we can work hand-in-hand to improve our lives whilst tackling Climate Change and protecting our Environments.”

Dr. Sunita Kaur
Walia Wellness Sdn Bhd

“In the era of COVID, from dust to dust, Farmer to Mouth, we sustain the Chain of Humanity.”

Dr. Goh Kim Siang
Goh Veterinary Clinic

“我对Coco Veda公司确保供应链上所有各方共同繁荣的方向表示赞赏 – My big applaud to Coco Veda for ensuring the direction of co-prosperity of all the parties along the supply chain.”


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