Live Healthy, Live Well, Live Natural and Building Sustainable Impact​

Our Sustainable Handmade Coconut Health and Wellbeing Products are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ISO, GMP and Halal 

The skin is our largest organ; it weighs about 16% of the body weight and needs to be looked after. To bring out the best in our formulations, we have developed the entire
range of our Skincare, Wellness, Pet and Cleaning products using our Certified Food Supplement Grade Cold Processed Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil as a key ingredient.

Is achieved when Virgin Coconut Oil is processed naturally without any mechanical

are sensory properties of this in-house proprietary process

Balancing the macro-nutrients plays an important role for a healthy lifestyle

cold processed without heat virgin coconut oil

traces it roots back over 3000 years to the Ayurveda Therapeutic practice which is
increasingly gaining popularity in the 21st Century Lifestyle

by ingesting one tablespoon (15ml) of Virgin Coconut Oil everyday and it is a preventive
approach to keep the brain alert and healthy

A high quality Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil, contains 50% of Lauric Acid, which is
scientifically proven to support Immune Health, Metabolism, and several Skin Conditions

Our History

2015 -2016

  • Coco Veda was Incorporated 
  • Supply Chain Partnerships with Coconut Farmer Cooperatives
  •  Evidence Based Research and Product Development 
  •  Certified Organic and Halal 
  • Exported to 4 Countries

2017 -2018

  • Expanded Product Range to 100+ SKUs
  •  Certified GMP and ISO
  •  Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  •  Featured on the UN Business Platform
  •  Exported to 8 Countries
  • Malaysian Cancer Care initiative with Subang Jaya Medical Hospital
  • World Cancer Congress in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia
  • Little Fighters and their Superheroes in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia

2019 -2020

  •  Rebranded Coco Veda
  •  Launched Sustainable Relationship Partners (SRP) as a Digital Platform
  •  Begun our e-Commerce journey
  •  Signed a MOU with GoChain, our Blockchain Partner
  •  Presence on first Airline (inflight Duty Free)
  • Tell Tails Workshop organised in collaboration with TuffWoof Academy
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